St. Clair County Community College

Tuition savings illustration

Many high school prospects have little idea what the difference in cost is between community college tuition and the same courses at the four-year state institution. This illustration was very effective in demonstrating their potential savings.

“We’re Here 4 You” teardrop banners

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, I developed the “We’re Here 4 You” graphic that was used on the website, in print, and in other materials such as these teardrop banners that flew at each parking lot entrance.

College credits explained illustration

Students and parents also often didn’t understand the concept of college credits, so I created this pie chart to illustrate the idea and how the MTA credits done at SC4 fit into a four-year degree.

SC4 Admissions pipeline

A quick illustration for my staff and others who intersected our work on how we approached the “prospect pipeline,” not just to application, but registration and beyond.

SC4 retention and completion strategy

As we moved back to campus post-pandemic, I started working on a more holistic enrollment management plan for the college to advance enrollment, retention/persistence, and completion. This graphic detailed what staff areas were responsible for each step.

SC4 strategic enrollment management concept

While this plan wasn’t implemented while I was at SC4, this graphic (inspired by one done by one of the early SEM theorists, Bob Bontrager), would have served as the starting point for identifying responsible campus departments and their involvement in the holistic plan.