Theater arts

Tap into my decades of experience as an actor, director, and designer to enhance your next theater production. From filling a specific need in your show to providing another set of eyes to make suggestions and consult on creative decisions, our love of live performance will add another dimension to your work.

Why work with Tom?

As a seasoned theater artist with a rich background in both performance and production, I bring a unique blend of creative vision and practical expertise to your team. My experience in directing, acting, set design, and lighting, combined with a deep understanding of theater history and contemporary trends, allows me to offer innovative solutions that enhance your productions’ artistic and commercial aspects.

I excel in collaborating with diverse teams, ensuring that every element of a production, from script to stage, resonates with audiences. Hiring me means investing in a consultant who elevates your theater’s artistic standards and contributes significantly to its financial success.

Available services


Tom has directed nearly 40 productions over his 22-year career, including comedies, dramas, and musicals. Add a fresh point of view to your upcoming season!


Drawing from multiple acting traditions and methods, Tom has opened new creative paths for many actors. Let him work with you to unlock the actor inside!


Are you looking for another pair of eyes to help polish your current production? Need some fresh set or lighting design ideas? A visit from Tom can provide new insights.

Let me help you create magic!

Find out how Tom and his theater arts team can add something special to your next theatrical production or help you improve and expand your acting work.