Musique dimanche (Music Sunday)

I was so excited about the outcome of the election in New Zealand yesterday that I forgot about a Music Saturday post, so today you get a “Musique dimanche” instead.

Le sujet du poste d’aujourd’hui est Philip Proulx, chanteur, auteur-compositeur et guitariste québécois. Il joue en tant que « Pépé et sa guitare », et peut-il jouer ce truc !


Music Saturday: Emily McVicker and Leon Bratt

As I’ve mentioned on previous “Music Saturday” posts, I’ve been spending a lot of time watching music artists performing online, “streaming” concerts on platforms like Twitch, Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live.

These performances are very intimate. Most of the artists are performing from their homes, sometimes from their bedrooms, where they’ve set up their microphones, mixing boards, lighting, and instruments. Most play keyboards or guitar, but there are others playing drums, harp, violin, bass guitar, and many more. All styles of music are available as well as multiple languages. (As a current learner of French, I appreciate the streams where the artist is bilingual, switching from English to French, which helps me understand them in context.)


Music Sunday: Alanna Matty

I forgot to do “Music Saturday” yesterday, so you get it today instead!

Alanna Matty is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, here’s an older song that she hadn’t recorded before. It’s about an historic building full of memories that’s going to be removed in the name of urban development. As she notes in her comment on this video…

This city has a habit of tearing down landmarks to build condos, and this is a song I wrote about a bar that they tore down a few years ago, but now with Sneaky Dees on its way out it seems appropriate again, so i figured it was time to actually put it out there.


Music Saturday: Megan Lenius

Since there’s not much live music being performed at bars these days, I’ve been watching artists stream live performances online, mostly on Twitch. There are so many great performers, and the benefit of watching them online is that you can see people you’d likely never have seen before. Suddenly, their local audience has become global.

Twitch was best known for the gamers who livestream their games to their audiences, but in the past couple of years it started to welcome musicians as well, and the pandemic has accelerated that considerably.

Most of the performers do covers of well-known pop songs, but some of them also write their own music. Like most indie artists, the quality varies, but it’s also given many artists an opportunity to have their music heard beyond their local coffee houses or bars.

One artist I’m enjoying from watching her Twitch stream is Megan Lenius. Her stream is a great place to start if you’ve never experienced live online performers; she’s funny and a great host, interacting with her viewers in chat. All of her original songs are great, but this one is in my head all the time now. Enjoy “Allison” by Megan Lenius: