The last ride of 2020

I’d been hoping for a couple of weeks that the weather on New Year’s Eve would be good for a last outdoor ride for the year. Fortunately, it was sunny and around 30°F at noon, so off I went. Originally, I was hoping to hit exactly 20.20 miles today, but I realized I’d probably have to ride up and down my block several times at the end of the ride to make that happen, so instead I decided to ride at least 20.20 miles, which I did:

The “four cemeteries” are Woodlawn Cemetery in Marine City; Hillside Cemetery in St. Clair; Rose Hill Cemetery in East China Township; and Holy Cross Cemetery, also in Marine City.

That took my mileage total for 2020 to 1,959.12 miles over 144 rides. I was on the bike for a total of 6 days, 3 hours, and 23 minutes. I didn’t quite make it to 2,000 miles, but considering I didn’t start until Memorial Day, I’m happy with that. It also broke my old annual record of 1,043.88 miles (set in 2015) by over 915 miles, or nearly double the old mark.

If I add my walking distance of 82.44 miles (I mostly walk once a week to give my back a break on the bike), I did move over 2,000 miles in 2020 (2,041.56 to be exact).

It starts over tomorrow. It looks like as long as I get out before noon, I can start 2021 with an outdoor ride. Otherwise, I’ll be cycling through the magical virtual roads of Zwift. Ride on!

Breaking records (updated)

During the warmer weather, I plan my cycling routes based on the wind direction, trying to minimize headwinds by putting tree lines or other obstacles on the side the wind is blowing from.

Now that it’s colder out, I’ve been mostly riding indoors (though the eight days from November 3-10 were beautiful so I rode outdoors nearly every day for a total of 92 miles). Checking this week’s forecast, I see that we might get into the 60s on Friday… hopefully I can get outside again.

Wahoo Kickr
Wahoo Kickr bike trainer

My new Wahoo Kickr, along with Zwift, is a lot of fun, though, and I probably work harder riding indoors than I would normally outside. I’m already starting to recognize names in the Zwift world. So far everyone is very supportive and it’s definitely nice to still be able to get a 45 minute to an hour ride in.

I’d never ridden indoors or outdoors during November before this year. Last month, I posted my mileage records for each month, according to Strava, which I’ve been using since 2014. Here’s the updated chart:

MonthMileage recordYear
October 216.72020

I started riding this year around Memorial Day and my 2020 total is now 1,612.2 miles (2,594.6 km), with a total of 125 hours and 9 minutes in the saddle over 115 rides.

Including indoor miles, 2000 for the year is still possible.

Breaking records

Rode 11.95 miles late yesterday afternoon, and it was nice to be able to wear short sleeves and bike shorts again after a few days of insulated gear. Looks like the next few days will be pleasant and unseasonably warm as well so I should be able to get some nice outdoor rides in.