Dan Lyons: Apple’s tablet will reinvent computing

Newsweek_logoNewsweek’s Daniel Lyons discusses the tablet PC that Apple is rumored to be preparing for a mid-2010 launch, and the effect it might have on journalists and other storytellers. He’s correct that such a device, always connected to the internet, would advance the convergence of different story telling media (print, video, audio), it’s his take on where the next “evolutionary leap” in media is coming from that I really agree with:

The Internet today is a lot like TV circa 1950. But we are about to take an evolution-ary leap. That’s why all this hand-wringing over the dying newspaper business is so misplaced. In 10 years the print newspapers we have today will seem as quaint and primitive as those old Uncle Miltie shows. Heck, the Internet we have today will seem quaint and primitive too. Chances are the cool stuff won’t come from people my age (I’m nearly 50) but from the kids who are growing up with these digital tools the way (Steven) Bochco, (David) Chase, and (Larry) David grew up with Uncle Miltie.

Worth a read at Newsweek.com.