Music Saturday: Andvari

This week’s band is a brother and sister and father who play together as Andvari. They mostly play great covers on their Twitch channel. When I say “great” it’s because they often have a different twist to a song than the original artist, which I enjoy. After all, if I wanted to hear the original version I’m sure I can find it on Apple Music or Spotify. I tend to take the same approach when I play a familiar song.

Andvari is Cory (who I believe is known as Andvari in the online games he plays, hence the name of the band), who plays acoustic guitar and sings; his sister Brittney, who is mostly a vocalist but allegedly plays other instruments sometimes (I’ve yet to see her do that); and their father, who is only called “Dad” (though he told a story the other night and it turns out his name is Tom – what a great name!), who plays guitar, bass, and sings backing vocals. Occasionally Cory does a gaming stream on the channel, but it’s mostly music of late. Britt has her own Twitch channel where she also streams games and other things.