ArtPrize in Grand Rapids

Headed out in the morning, first to Grand Ledge, Michigan, then Grand Rapids. Should be a grand day.

My mom’s cousin John Weigel is celebrating his 70th birthday with a family gathering at his house in Grand Ledge, then we’re off to G.R. to visit with my sister-in-law Steph Everitt-Kirkbride and her family. Steph is a visual artist, specializing in textiles, and she is part of Grand Rapids’ big, successful ArtPrize event. She and her collaborator Liz DeBraber created an installation called “Haven” for the citywide art celebration (and competition). Here’s an article from the Grand Rapids Press about ArtPrize and Steph’s work. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.

It’s amazing to think that over 300,000 votes were registered for the various artworks created and displayed as part of ArtPrize. Just when I suspect that we’re preoccupied with anything but art (and that would be somewhat justified considering Michigan’s economy), ArtPrize comes along and shows that even in hard times, people can be drawn to create and appreciate.