Still not fixed, Comcast.

Here’s an update on the Comcast Xfinity “high speed” internet issue I’ve been having for weeks now. A technician was out last Friday (June 24). I took the day off from work to be at the house. I showed him the maxed out (54 dBmV) upstream power levels and he agreed that was the most likely problem. I also explained that the exterior coax from the pole in my backyard to the house and then into the living room had been replaced within the last month by another tech.

He called a supervisor who brought a meter to test at the pole. They both were convinced the problem was not in the house (not the modem, not the existing coax). The tech called that in and was told to replace the drop on the pole. He argued a bit that that was a waste of time, but in the end they replaced the drop anyway. No change. He then told me the problem would require a “line call” and that he had set that up. It was mid-afternoon at this point, and my understanding was that that would happen yet that day.

In the evening, the upstream power levels and speed test seemed to have improved. Although no one ever came to my house for the “line call,” nor did I get any notification that they had, I thought perhaps it was done somewhere else in the neighborhood, since the readings were better:

Screenshot 2016-06-24 22.45.21
June 24th, about 10:30 p.m.
Screenshot 2016-06-24 22.43.39
This is what the speedtest results should look like, if everything’s working correctly. June 24th, about 10:30 p.m.

Unfortunately, by the next morning I was back to having two of the three upstream channels blasting away at 54 dBmV again and I couldn’t even get a song to stream without interruptions every few seconds. Video is, of course, impossible.

I had been contacted by @comcastcares after my tweet last week, and I told them the tech appointment had been scheduled. That representative said he or she would check with me via Twitter DM after the appointment, which they did. When I told them about the line call, he/she said they would check on it and I gave them my account number. Never heard anything that evening or over the weekend. Tuesday evening (June 28), four days later, another @comcastcares rep contacted me, wanting to set up another tech visit.

comcastcares conversation

I haven’t replied to that yet. I’m afraid they’ll want me to unplug my modem again, or send another tech out to replace the coax or the drop again. I don’t want to take more time off from work, especially when it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with anything in my house, and the original line call apparently was never done.

I want to make clear that everyone I’ve dealt with at Comcast over this issue has been pleasant and professional. I’m not trying to bash the company; in fact (full disclosure) I worked for Comcast for a year back in 2006. I’ve been a Comcast customer for many years. I’m generally very pleased with the service.

But this is ridiculous. At this point, I’ve been paying for “high speed” internet for several weeks that is anything but. And to add insult to injury, I have to watch commercials every night on Fox Sports Detroit  where Comcast brags about how much their customer service has improved.

Here are this morning’s upstream power levels and a speedtest that never completed because it couldn’t finish the second upload (IPv6) test. Also, the speeds are abysmal:

Upstream 6-30 820am
Friday, June 30 at 8:20 a.m. Not acceptable.
Speedtest 6-30 826am
Friday, June 30 at 8:26 a.m. Upload IPv6 froze at 50%, not that it was doing that well before that, either.

I’m going to contact @comcastcares again, both replying to the message from Tuesday and with a new tweet. I’ll update if anything happens.

Author: Tom Kephart

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