Another new beginning and a flashback

New Beginning-2

One thing I especially like about teaching college courses is that we start over every sixteen weeks or so. It’s usually the same courses, although I always revise things a bit because I’ve learned new techniques or ideas I like and want to include, but it’s a new set of students (hopefully) excited to start at the beginning and learn something about acting or improvisation.

This semester, I’ll be teaching Oral Interpretation of Literature for the first time. It’s a course that hasn’t been offered at SC4 for a few years, and I worked with our former department chair, David Korff, and the Curriculum Committee to bring it back, and to get it approved to meet the college’s Oral Competency graduation requirement. I’m excited to have it back on the schedule and to have two sections of it this winter.

Oral Interpretation was one of my favorite classes at Central Michigan University when I was there in the early 80s. Jill Taft-Kaufman was my professor, and I was influenced not just by her ideas of performance but also her caring teaching approach. She was funny and friendly and everything I try to be with my students today. So I’m extra geeked to be teaching the course myself starting tomorrow at SC4.

Thanks, Jill!

Author: Tom Kephart

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