Happy New Year!

Hey! It's Twenty-Twelve!

Happy 2012! May this year be filled with great theater, films and art… and may you be someone who’s creating that art as well as enjoying it.

I’ve been wanting to write down my thoughts about theater and acting for some time, so this year I’m going to write a “thing-a-day” to impose some discipline and get myself going. The posts may be long (article length) or short (perhaps a quote I like or a random thought), but there will be one every day this year. I’ll also be linking to inspiring and thoughtful articles and blogs written by others who I enjoy reading. So by the end of 2012, I’ll have 366 things about theater on this blog. Which should be a good thing, I think. Hopefully, you’ll find a few of these “things” useful.

Let’s get started….

Author: Tom Kephart

Actor, director, writer. Social media guy. Higher ed drone. Sings for beer in karaoke bars.