Destination: Maine – Day 3

Left Brattleboro around 11:00 a.m. for the approximately five-hour final driving leg to our destination. We spent a little time finding some excellent local Vermont cheddar cheese in several varieties, including a super sharp that was aged four years and was so dry it was amazing. Best cheddar I’ve ever had. The milder one we bought was the equivalent of what they sell in most groceries as “extra sharp,” so it was damn good too. Great mobile lunch as we entered Maine.

Getting off on the Coastal Route (U.S. 1) northeast of Portland, we didn’t see the Atlantic until we got into Camden, Maine, a lovely (and touristy-busy on a Sunday afternoon) town on Penobscot Bay. Our motel, the Mount Battie, is north of Camden (“The Jewel of the Maine Coast”) near Lincolnville Beach. It’s run by a couple from New York who are outstanding hosts. My family is staying in the “family suite,” which includes two bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths and a pull-out bed/couch. The kids’ cousin Liam is also staying with us.

The vacation in Maine is being paid for by Doreen’s dad and her uncles Ed and Jim. When their mother, Helen Everitt, died in 2009, they talked about doing something special with what remained of her estate, and came up with the idea of inviting everyone on a trip. So we find ourselves on the Midcoast of Maine in a lovely motel with a view of the bay, and beaches, shops, galleries, restaurants and pubs galore. It’s a very generous thing for the brothers to do, and I’m appreciating the chance not only to take a great vacation, but also spend it with many members of Doreen’s family who we rarely see.

More to come….

Author: Tom Kephart

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