If you no-hit the Tigers, does it count?

Matt Garza. Photo by Cindy_FL via Flickr.Big Al at Bless You Boys suggests that Matt Garza’s no-hitter against the Tigers last night should have an asterisk because so many of the hitters in Detroit’s lineup were fresh outta Toledo (or perhaps should be headed there?), including immortals Will Rhymes, Ryan Raburn, Don Kelly, Gerald Laird and Danny Worth. Well, yeah, the lineup was a little weak. But Cabrera, Damon, Jackson and Boesch were all in there, and they went a collective 0 for 11. Surely one of them could’ve picked up at least a Texas League single off Garza?

I know Big Al was frustrated watching the game. I was, too, especially after the terrible call on B.J. Upton’s stolen base and Jim Leyland getting tossed for arguing the call. It wasn’t close, and watching the replays it seemed like second base umpire Marty Foster handled the play badly, watching the ball all the way from Laird’s hand to Rhymes’ glove. In general, sports officials are taught not to watch the ball, after all, the ball isn’t going to make any plays or commit any fouls by itself. Instead, you anticipate where the ball is going and watch there. Maybe Foster wasn’t sure where the throw was going and didn’t want to get in the way, but in any case, he seemed to only see the play at the end when the ball got there.

I was actually excited in the ninth, though. I’d never seen a no-hitter from start to finish, so I found myself pulling for Garza to finish it off (barring a six-run rally by the Tigers, which considering the lineup didn’t seem likely). I also liked ESPN’s brief shot of Justin Verlander in the dugout, slowly applauding Garza’s effort, sort of a “welcome to the club” gesture from a guy who knows what it’s like to throw a no-hitter.

(Matt Garza photo by Cindy_FL via Flickr.)

Author: Tom Kephart

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