Don Hall explains auditions

This means if you don’t get called back, it isn’t because you suck. It means you either A) weren’t right for any of the roles, B) didn’t fit a certain “look” the director is going for or C) don’t have enough natural charisma to hold anyone’s attention for longer than fourteen seconds. The first two aren’t your fault; the third you can’t really do anything about.

Don Hall, the Angry White Guy in Chicago, wrote a great post yesterday on auditions. It’s worth a read if you’re auditioning at any level, but especially at the point where your headshot, resume and two-minute audition seem to really matter. Don’s an honest man (or as honest as the internet allows), and this post is no exception. I can’t disagree with any of it, I tend to react the same way when I’m conducting an audition.

Give it a read, actors.

Author: Tom Kephart

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